McKesson Abdominal Pads, Sterile, Nonwoven Cellulose

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Brand McKesson
Material NonWoven / Cellulose / Moisture Barrier
Size 5 x 9 inches (20 ct) OR 8 x 10 inches (24 ct)
Item Form Health Supplies

About this item

  • The sterile abdominal pads are made up of a non-woven outer fabric combined with an inner cellulose tissue to provide super-absorbent quality
  • Ideal ABD pads for wounds that keep the wound site dry by collecting the fluid and provide a maximum moisture barrier to avoid any kind of infection at the wound site
  • ABD sterile pad wicks quickly and also keeps any fluid from leaking from the sides thanks to the sealed edges
  • These moisture-wicking pads are lint-free so the pad's granulating tissues won't interfere with the healing process or stick to the wound
  • Sterile, white pads measure 5 inch x 9 inch OR 8 inch x 10 inch