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    Designed with four sling points to easily work with most floor lift models


    Safely supports up to 400 pounds for home health care, elderly and bariatric patients


    Three handgrips also line the back of sling for easy repositioning at any angle


    The lift sling features reinforced corners and stitching for added strength and durability


    Water-resistant nylon material is breathable for greater patient comfort


    Easy to clean, the patient lift sling is machine washable


    Designed to assist in patient lifts, transfers and repositioning while minimizing the risk of patient or caregiver injury, the light transfer blanket is durably constructed with a breathable mesh material and reinforced stitching. The machine washable transfer sling safely supports up to 400 pounds and features four reinforced sling points for use with most floor lift models and three easy grip handles for assisting at any angle.  The transfer sling is helpful in home health care, elder and bariatric care as well as assisting the disabled and those recovering from surgery or injury.


    • LIFT, REPOSITION AND TRANSFER: Aiding in lifting and repositioning patients and loved ones, the light transfer sling is durably designed for safety and comfort. Featuring four sling points and three additional hand grips, the transfer sling facilitates safe transfers to and from a bed, a wheelchair, commode, shower or sofa. 

    • MULTIPLE HANDLES AND SLING POINTS: The transfer sling includes four sling points for use with most floor lift models. Each corner is also reinforced for greater durability. On the underside of the patient lift sling, three additional handles allow caregivers to easily reposition the patient from any angle. 

    • SUPPORTS UP TO 400 POUNDS: Providing a safe means of assistance, the light transfer blanket with reinforced stitching supports up to 400 pounds and is great for home health care, elder care and bariatric patients.  

    • WATER RESISTANT MESH: Constructed with a lightweight mesh material, the transfer blanket is water-resistant and breathable, allowing air to freely circulate for greater comfort. Easy to clean, the mesh transfer blanket is machine washable as needed. 

    • GUARANTEE: One year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.

      Is the lift sling water-resistant?Yes! The strong nylon material is water-resistant.
      Can I use the sling to transfer to a shower chair?Yes, the patient sling can be used to transfer a patient or loved one to a shower chair.
      What is the sling’s weight limit?The patient lift sling is durably constructed to safely support up to 400 pounds.
      Is the lift sling compatible with the Invocare manual lift?Yes, the patient lift sling is compatible with most floor lifts.
      Do I need chains to lift this sling?Chains are not needed with the patient lift sling. The patient sling includes four sling points for securing on most floor lift models.
      Is the patient sling washable?Yes! The patient lift sling is machine washable for greater convenience.
      What are the dimensions of the sling?The patient lift sling measures 48” by 30”.
      How much does the sling weigh?The patient lift sling weighs approximately 1.5 pounds.
      Is the sling made of mesh?Yes, the patient lift sling is made with a strong mesh nylon material that is breathable for patient comfort.

      SPECIFICATIONS  What’s Included:- Patient Lift Sling- One-year guarantee

      Uses: For safely transferring, lifting, or repositioning a patient or loved oneDimensions: 48” by 30” Supports: up to 400 poundsMaterials: Water-resistant nylonColor: Blue
      Care Instructions: Hand or machine wash on the gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Hang dry or machine dry on low. For spot cleaning, wipe the surface with a damp cloth. Allow airing dry.