Ambu Res-cue Mask Professional CPR Pocket Resuscitator

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During CPR, mouth-to-mouth has been the traditional way of ventilation in an emergency situation. With the Ambu ResCue mask first responders can safely provide immediate respiratory support without the natural reluctance that comes with the practice.

Tailored to the demanding needs of consummate resuscitation professionals, Ambu's latex-free Res-Cue Mask can be used on adults or children. The transparent mask features an oxygen inlet, comes with a one-way valve and head strap. Its pliable bladder facilitates a proper seal to your patient's face.

The zippered case is a snap to open. It keeps your barrier rescue ready, while a pair of gloves and two alcohol prep pads complete the set. Each CPR mask kit comes individually packaged with a detailed instruction booklet.

Ambu, a name synonymous with quality respiratory care and resuscitation supplies, manufactures this Res-Cue Mask kit. Look professional on lifeguard duty, while working as an emergency response team member or anywhere you'll need to utilize your resuscitation skills. The compact case slips easily into a jacket pocket, so there's no reason not to be ready with the right tools!

Please Note: This product includes one mask that can be used on both Adult and Child Manikins, but it cannot be used on Infant Manikins. To use the mask on a child, you will need to rotate the mask so that the wider part is over the nose and the narrower part is over the mouth.