DermaRite Adhesive Wound Dressing, Sterile Bordered Gauze

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Protect and promote faster healing of a minor injury with DermaRite® Sterile Bordered Gauze. The three-layer dressing contains a low adherent, non-linting layer that provides protection to the wound surface. The DermaRite® dressing's second layer is made of soft and flexible gauze to absorb released wound fluid. The final layer consists of non-woven tape with a strong adhesive that holds the dressing secure while maintaining a moist environment. The sterile wound dressing moves with your body, allowing for freedom of movement. It's latex-free and is safe for those with latex sensitivities. The bordered gauze dressing comes individually wrapped to prevent contamination.

  • This sterile adhesive dressing is soft, flexible and non-restrictive
  • The first layer features a low adherent, lint-free material designed to protect the wound surface
  • The second layer is super absorbent, removing released wound fluid
  • The third layer is a non-woven tape with a strong adhesive to keep the dressing secure and maintain a moist environment
  • The latex-free DermaRite® dressing is suitable for use on all skin types
  • It comes individually wrapped to prevent contamination