The Vulcan Scooter & Wheelchair Lift

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About the product:

The Vulcan uses power from your mobility scooter & powerchair. There is an additional option for a dedicated battery on the unit for $389.

The Vulcan Scooter & Wheelchair Lift Weighs Only 22 Lbs With The Ability To Lift A Portable Scooter Or Wheelchair Weighting Up To 110 Lbs. The Vulcan Is The Perfect Solution For Those That Have the ability To Lift 22 Lbs However are Unable To Lift Or Manage Their Portable Scooter & Or Power Wheelchair.


The Vulcan Works Well On Most Any Level Surface. It is Extremely Lightweight, Very Strong & Easy To Use.

The Vulcan Is Equipped With Two Very Unique Automatic Extending & Automatic Retracting Stabilizing Wheels. As The Lift Goes Up The Center Stabilizing Wheels Extend From Under The Lift Making It Far More Stable Then It Would Be Without This Feature. The Stabilizing Wheels Then Automatically Retract Under The Lift As The Lift Is Going Down.

Most Lifts Require Extensive Installation And Then Limit Your Ability To Using Only That Vehicle. With The Vulcan Their Is No Need To Install It To The Vehicle. This Gives You The Flexibility To Use Any Vehicle You Want And Not Limit You To Only One Vehicle Like.

Easy To Use Up & Down Two Button Handset With 6 Ft Cords Is Completely Weather Proof.

The Vulcan Is Designed To Run & Operate Utilizing The Battery Power From Your Power Wheelchair Or Scooter. Simply Plug it Into The Standard XLR Charging Port of Your Scooter Or Power Wheelchair & The Vulcan Has Everything It Needs To Rise & Lower.

An Optional Battery Is Available For Those That Would Prefer Or Individuals Lifting Manual Wheelchairs.

The Vulcan Is a Life Saver For A Large Number Of People That Have A Scooter Or Power Wheelchair Weighing From 40 Lbs To 110 Lbs However Simply Can Not Lift It. Although They Are Abel To Lift The 22 Lbs That The Vulcan Weighs Giving Them Back The Freedom To Go Anywhere At any time Without Relying On Other People.


Specifications For The Vulcan Scooter & Wheelchair Lift

Total Weight Of Lift: 22 Lbs
Weight Of Optional Battery: 4 Lbs
Length: 29.5 Inches
Width: 18.8 Inches
Maximum Lifting Height: 29.9 Inches
Maximum Lifting Capacity: 110 LBS
Locking Casters X 4: 2 Inch
Stabilizing Caster X 2: 1.5 Inch
Package Or Shipping Box: 19.2 Inches X 9.8 Inches X 29.2 Inches


4000(N) 24Volts
Input Power: 24 Volts
Power Requirements: Will Work Using Power from Any 24 V Scooter Or Wheelchair (With Standard XLR)
Optional Battery: 24 Volt 5 AH Lithium-ion


24 2 AH Lithium-ion (Included With Optional Battery)
Handset (2 Button): Water Proof Handset With 6 Ft Cord
Security Straps: 4 Point Nylon Security Straps With Buckles X 2 (4 parts)